Today we’re hugely excited to announce that Joi Ito has joined One Click Orgs’ advisory board. Joi has contributed to a succession of ground-breaking internet ventures as an entrepreneur and investor. His current role as CEO of Creative Commons puts him in the thick of the collision between established legal concepts and the internet which is One Click Orgs’ home territory.

It was a fireside discussion about emergent democracy with Joi at Foo Camp 2008 that planted the seed for CIRCUS foundation’s Themis project and the chapter on emergent democracy I contributed to O’Reilly’s “Open Government” book. The Themis project gave birth to One Click Orgs so there’s a poetic circularity in Joi getting involved with the project now.

In joining One Click Orgs’ advisory board Joi is in the distinguished company of Oliver Goodenough (Co-Director Berkman Center Law Lab, Harvard University), David Johnson (Senior Resident Fellow, Center for Democracy and Technology) and Matt Jones (Partner, BERG). Joi has some far-sighted ideas about how virtual corporate structures will enable changes in financial and organisational models. We look forward to working with him to turn some of these ideas into reality.