One Click Orgs

The One Click Orgs project has developed the world’s first platform for virtual organisations. The first version, completed in November 2009, provides a website where groups can automatically create an Unincorporated Association together with a platform for governance. Development is currently underway on a system to provide organisations with a Company Limited by Guarantee (the UK version of a non-profit corporation).

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Themis: Designing Emergent Democracy

For 2,500 years democratic systems have been based on a consistent set of limiting factors. This is equally true of parliamentary states, corporations and international organisations. Citizens are associated with a physical location, there are built-in delays to allow information to reach people, groups have to come together in the same place at the same time to discuss issues and make decisions. The starting point for the Themis project was the recognition that the internet, with its promise of ubiquitous many-to-many communication and instantaneous processing, renders these limiting factors obsolete. The project is designing models for democratic systems that function in a very different fashion.

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