Mission accomplished! Over the weekend, in our mini homage to Social Innovation Camp, the One Click project team constructed the platform and constitution for the Base 1 Prototype. Because of One Click’s unique fusion of software and legal structure the platform and constitution need to evolve hand in hand. So for example if we add a new feature to the software enabling organisations to split off working groups and assign specific authority to them, we’ll also need to add extra clauses to the constitution to extend the accompanying legal framework.

Emma heroically spent most of Saturday coding. Then on Sunday the team assembled in Dalston’s Cafe Oto whilst I joined by Skype from Somerset (where I was attending the excellent All Tomorrow’s Parties – thanks Jan!).

The next step is to go through the founding process to create a legal organisation running on the constitution and thereby the platform. We aim to do that later this week or at the weekend.

For anyone who’s interested here’s the specification and constitution we executed.

Prototype Base 1 // Specification // 5 December 2008

a. The Constitution will be completely static.
a. Members will be associated with:
i. An email address
ii. Proposals they created (date, time, proposal text)
iii. Votes they cast (date, time,
b. Members will authenticate on the web interface by email address (no password)
c. Creation of new Members, changing email address and deletion of Members will be manual operations with no automation.
a. Members will be able to create an Open Proposal via a form on the web interface.
b. Open Proposals will consist of a title and description.
c. An Open Proposal will become a Closed Proposal 72 hours after its creation.
d. Members will be able to vote to Support or Oppose an Open Proposal.
e. A Decision will be created when a Closed Proposal has more Support votes then Oppose votes.
f. An alert message will be sent to each Member’s email address whenever:
i. A New Open Proposal is created.
ii. A Member casts a vote.
iii. An Open Proposal becomes Closed
iv. A Decision is made
a. Home page:
i. Current Open Proposals, ability to view, Support or Oppose each one.
ii. Create new Open Proposal, ability to set title and description.
iii. My Proposals
iv. My Votes
v. Member list
b. Member profile:
i. Proposal history
ii. Voting history

Prototype Base 1 // Constitution // 7 December 2008

1. This is the constitution (“Constitution”) of the One Click Organisations Project (“OCO”).
2. OCO has the objectives (“Objectives”) of developing, hosting and promoting software to simplify the process of creating a legal structure and managing an organisation, based on constitutional models developed by CIRCUS foundation’s Themis Project.
3. CIRCUS foundation is an unincorporated association under English law whose Custodian is named at and can be contacted via the website http://CIRCUS-foundation.org.
4. Source code for all software developed by OCO will be released under an open licence enabling others to modify and extend it freely.
5. OCO directs CIRCUS foundation to hold and transfer material assets and intangible assets on its behalf until alternative arrangements are made.
6. OCO uses an electronic management system to automate clerical processes (“OCO Management System”).
7. Members may access the OCO Management System at the website http://oneclickorgs.com/management.
8. OCO has one or more members (“Members”) who support OCO’s Objectives.
9. Members may view a register of current Members on the OCO Management System.
10. Members may submit a proposal (“Proposal”) on the OCO Management System.
11. A Proposal may be voted on for the period of 72 hours starting with its submission (“Voting Period”).
12. Members may view a register of current Proposals on the OCO Management System.
13. Members may vote to support (“Supporting Vote”) or vote to oppose (“Opposing Vote”) a Proposal on the OCO Management System during the Proposal’s Voting Period.
14. A decision (“Decision”) to enact a Proposal is made when Supporting Votes have been received from more than half of the Members during the Voting Period; or when more Supporting Votes than Opposing Votes have been received for the Proposal at the end of the Voting Period.
15. Members may view a register of all Decisions on the OCO Management System.
16. A new Member is appointed by Decision.
17. An amendment to the Constitution is made by Decision.
18. Members may resign from OCO by informing the Custodian of CIRCUS foundation in writing.
19. If at any time the number of Members is zero the Custodian of CIRCUS foundation shall have the right to appoint one, two or three new Members.