We’re looking for a UX whiz to help us with One Click Organisation. Details below. Please forward them to anyone who might have the appropriate skills and be interested in the project. Thanks!

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Wanted: User Experience Designer to help us revolutionise organisations & group decision-making

How does an individual engage with decision-making and governance for organisations they belong to? All too often these are remote processes, defined somewhere in a dusty constitution and overseen by self-important officials. One Click Organisations is changing this, creating a new way for groups to run themselves on the internet; radically increasing transparency and enabling any members to play a full role in decision-making.

A prototype system is up and running. It’s already being used to manage BarCamp London. Now we need an experienced UX Designer to join our small team and ensure non-technical users can meet their needs smoothly and intuitively through the platform. We’re looking for someone who’s excited by the challenge of changing how organisations work and has a deep grounding in user experience. The platform is built in Merb. Familiarity with any web frameworks will be a plus.

This is a volunteer project where everyone’s contributing a couple of hours a week. To keep everyone on the same page we have a project meeting every three weeks and two “hack days” a month. There’s no salary but you will have the opportunity to become a full voting member of the project team and gain international recognition for your work on the project.

If you’re interested:
Please write to Charles Armstrong with links to some recent work: charles [at] CIRCUS-foundation [dot] org

The project will also be featured at a workshop on Tuesday 17th March, starting at 7pm in Shoreditch. The holding page at oneCLICKor.gs includes a link to our Facebook group where further details will be posted.

About the project:
One Click Organisations is creating a revolutionary web platform that makes it easy for groups to create a simple legal structure and make collective decisions. Initially the project is targeting the needs of social entrepreneurs, collectives, activist groups and associations.